Tensta Folk Music Group
(Swedish Folk Music)


Tensta Folk Music Group started 1976 and we have nowadays about 16 members in different ages.

Tensta is a small village in the countryside 90 kilometres north of Stockholm in Sweden.

The group meets for rehearsal once a week in Tensta village hall.

The instruments are violins, key fiddles, harmonicas, double bass and guitar. The music group accompanies the Tensta Folk Dance Team and gives concerts as well and is of some people considered to be one of the best folk music groups in Sweden.

We all perform in traditional Swedish costumes at all kind of events, i.e. national day celebrations, international meetings, weddings, season celebrations, markets and home for elderly. We also participate in dance and music mass in church.

We do have a CD with Swedish and a few Norwegian traditional tunes. See the tunes at the link "Skivan".
You can order the CD by e-mail. Just write order and then @tenstaspelmanslag.se. Add your name, address och phone number in the e-mail. We will then contact you for further information.
Price: 140,00 (SEK) + 25,00 for stamp/administration

We gladly welcome groups to our village and also like to travel and meet other folk musicians and dancers.

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